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Smart SurfaceTM

RTM Smart Surface

RTM Smart Surface is our same great tooling material in flat formable sheets. Use Smart Surface to make your own caul. Cauls of any size or shape can be made from Smart Surface. Smart Surface is heated, dropped into a form mold, and vacuum formed. Once formed lay-up is completed on the rigid Smart Surface, dropped into cure mold, bagged, and cured. For complex shapes use our highest strain material outlined in the table below. Smart Surface is 3/16" thick and sold in square foot increments up to 5' x 10'. Different sizes available upon special request and are subject to a minimum purchase. To learn more about Smart Surface please contact us.

RTM Smart Surface Material Selection Chart

Smart Surface Material
Forming Temperature (°F)
Operational Temperature (°F) up to
350 ±5%
350 ±5%
350 ±5%
350 ±5%


VARTM Smart Surface

Smart Tooling can also provide VARTM Smart Surface to customers for a lower cost than the RTM Smart Surface above. Standard thickness is .1" however, thiner or thicker sizes can be made to accommodate different applications. VARTM Smart Surface has lower strain capabilities than its RTM counterpart.

Smart SurfaceTM Advantages

  • Smart Caul Example1 Resized

    Low cost caul option that is rigid during lay-up and elastic during cure

  • In low volume applications the same smart surface can be used to make multiple parts of similar surface area

  • Does not shrink with each use

  • Long cycle Life

  • VARTM Smart Surface cauls can be made with varying materials throughout the length, allowing customers to fine-tune material properties where needed.




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